Get Involved!

MEMBERSHIP in the pollinator club is not like any other membership you’ve ever been involved with.


Join our pollinator Club to receive to make a difference in the world we live in today and in the future.

Membership starts at only $50 a year half the money goes directly into the pollinator project.

The other half finances our operations.

Blossom bat annual membership $50
Mason bee annual membership $100
Bumblebee annual membership $500
Butterfly annual membership $1000
Hummingbird annual membership $2500
Honeybee annual membership $5000
Queen bee annual membership $10,000
(each level of membership will garner you extra benefits, product resources, involvement, tax mitigation)

Learn how you can;
-Build your own pollinator garden.
-Buy and build pollinator housing.
-Attract pollinators to your space.
-Make your space fungicide, Mildewcide, herbicide, insecticide round up free.
-Members attend, free workshops.
-Membership access to 24 hour day media contact.
-Learn how to treat all of your space for problems like fungi, wilt, weeds, unwanted problem insects, naturally, safely, and effectively.